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Formación en JANZU

- de 1 al 5 de Febrero:
Nivel Básico

-del 7 al 11 de Febrero:
Nivel Intermedio


en la Casa de
Artes Acuáticas


Colectivo Agua (Water Collective) is a community of researchers, artists, therapists, and dreamers called to connect with the Water element.

Our mission is to spread this connection, as a source of inspiration for our vital and creative personal processes, to strengthen our bodies (physical, mental and spiritual) and awaken our aquatic being, thus cultivating greater fluidity and resilience in life.

Our tool for sharing this connection is Janzu, A Therapeutic Art of Water Meditation.

Colectivo Agua´s
Membership Form



Water Therapeutic
Art Meditation


Janzu is an Art, because it requires discipline, creativity, and practice.

It is therapeutic, because it has multiple benefits for the health of the body, mind, and spirit.

It is a meditation because it changes the pattern of brain waves from Beta to Alpha.

This journey of Health and Consciousness is carried out in the water.

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" Water has memory, within it carries our thoughts and prayers."
-Masaru Emoto

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We are an itinerant school , made up of various therapists and artists from different parts of the world.

Every year we make a pilgrimage to various springs of tempered water, where we hold our meetings and trainings, in addition to holding a prayer and a bond with these sources of life.

We also have weekly practices in some parts of the country, which keeps us in constant learning and feeds the loving fabric of our community.

We are a collective of experimentation and learning ,  from the aquatic work , art and co ~ creation emerge, which leads us to spiritual self-knowledge, ancestral wisdom and therapeutic sharing, in alchemy with all the elements of nature.

Our education programs,  Their objective is to deepen, update, practice and develop ourselves in specific topics in the area of knowledge of life and propose a pedagogy in which students become active participants and assume responsibility for their belonging to this community by providing their contributions and aid for the existence and growth of the group.



"The Janzu as a leitmotif connected us all helped us communicate

to know us to enter in confidence

to heal us. "


"Her purpose is to give life, her purpose is to nurture mother nature of the formation principles of life.

This is how life was created here in the water. "

Alejandra Balado


"I am in a wheelchair due to a premature birth, therefore I have cerebral palsy and I am very fascinated with the results of having had two intensive sessions of Janzu because during those two sessions the flexibility of my body increased a lot, my muscles were stretched and beyond that I felt a mixture of joy and release of emotions that very few therapies can give you along with a very strong physical benefit "

Grandma Tonalmitl


Ekiwah Beléndez

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