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Our instructors are specialists in this technique and others, each one brings their own experience and knowledge. They design the training to explore our own relationship with Water, thus the training becomes an opportunity to meet and grow as a learning community.

The call is open for beginners who wish to start in the world of aquatic movement, as well as for those interested in deepening their therapeutic art in water.


Our Trainings are initiation retreats, which are nourished by various disciplines that complement the Art of Janzu, such as Dance, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Freediving, Yoga and Poetry. In addition, they get complemented with conscious eating meal plans.

We have several formats to our trainings.

As a Retreat, we choose natural waters, such as lagoons, thermal rivers, or springs. The group shares together from waking up until bedtime, with different connection activities.

As a Training, it is carried out in a rented pool where you only attend training hours. Or else, in the facilities of a hotel, spa or institute that requests it.


It is very frequent that we offer training for 1st and 2nd level together since beginners can observe those who are more advanced to learn from them and vice versa.


20 hours Min.

To get started you only need to have a desire for it. It is not necessary to know how to swim or be a therapist. This level is the entrance to the aquatic path where we explore and harmonize our relationship with water in our life. We explore the basis of this work: presence, containment, getting rooted and basic posture. We work with the first flotation, learning to take a body to the horizontal and back, first movements on the surface with and without head support, sequences and transitions, theory, professional ethics, and practice. You come out of this level with a practitioner certificate which doesn’t entitle you to give professional sessions but only to carry out practices. You require at least 50 of them to continue to the next level.  


20 hours Min.

Designed for those who have completed the basic training with 50 hours minimum of practice and want to grow in the artistic and/or therapeutic path in Water. We delve into forms of aquatic movement to achieve fluidity and synchronicity between the facilitator and the floater. We learn immersion movements, we explore the balance between containment and invisibility, the variants of some basic movements, and we incorporate the art of rhythm, pause and silence into our sessions.


We explore the balance between intention and receptivity, proposing and listening, on land and in water. We work on body awareness to inhabit our liquid body. In this laboratory we experience a dissolution of the ego-mind, making place to expand on the experience of becoming water, connected to everything.

Within this realm there are no Levels per se, experience and practice in the water are required, then water as a teacher leads us on her path of learning to flow. Coming back to the trainings greatly enriches the practice and experience as in each of them something new is integrated, they are never the same as Water itself shows us in different ways what we have to learn.

Our certifications are endorsed by Colectivo Agua´s Association and by the Escuela de Artes Acuáticas, in Mexico. We are one of the first schools to show this technique, we are endorsed by more than 20 years of experience and permanence.



Our school is known for the consistency of our weekly practice, where we meet to deepen and experiment the aquatic technique, in a continuous flow of giving and receiving, which allows us to cultivate our bond with water and strengthen as a community.




My passion for this technique that I have cultivated since 1998 has led me to be an instructor and facilitator, flowing with it and constantly enriching myself to learn and be able to use its powers for the benefit of others.


Ivan encountered Janzu in 2003, deepening since then his relationship with aquatic movement in its meditative, playful, artistic, and therapeutic ways. He has shared courses and workshops in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, the United States and Puerto Rico.



Janzu instructor and therapist since 2016. He has a degree in Contemporary Music Composition and is certified in ThetaHealing basic and AIDA 1 in free diving. He was also a Medical Emergencies Technician for the Mexican Red Cross. His exploration and proposal within Janzu is based on linking anatomy, medical care, breathing physiognomy knowledge, sound and brain frequencies.



I provide support and accompaniment on your path using 15 years of practice and training in Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi Nui, Chi kung, Shiatsu and Pilates. These disciplines have shown me new forms and complementary perspectives that I share in the Janzu trainings and in the post training counseling.

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Social Psychologist, Trainer, Certified Body Facilitator (EFC Russia), Certified Bodymind Gestalt Therapist, International Teacher of Contact Improvisation and Body Awareness, Retreat Guide on Emotional Freedom, Nurturing Touch and Conscious Sexuality. Practitioner of the Deep Listening method, teacher of author courses for people in helping professions.

Author of the method for teaching underwater dance Ocean Dance, freediver, ecologist, host of retreats and festivals of dance and movement in Nature (Thailand, Bali, Portugal, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Mexico), author of the blog " Body My House”.

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