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Therapeutic Art
of Water Meditation




Janzu is an experience that brings well-being to all our bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The benefits of a single session are perceived throughout our whole being; a complete treatment induces profound changes in the way we carry our being in the world, reaching levels of relaxation and surrender we didn´t know we were capable of.


Relieves stress, nervous tension, and fatigue, reducing chronic pain.

Progressively releases the rigidity of the musculoskeletal system, increasing the range of flexibility and mobility throughout the body.

It generates greater respiratory awareness, with the consequent increase in the energy level of the organism. It releases energy blocks and activates the immune system.

Creates space between the vertebrae, helping in cases of scoliosis. It trains the body to relax the nervous system, so it improves the quality of sleep and helps in cases of insomnia.

It produces endorphins, generating the feeling of being "at home" within our own body. Helps in cases of arthritis and fibromyalgia.

During pregnancy, it releases the pressure on the lower back, relieving back pain.


It modifies the pattern of brain waves from Beta to Alpha, which favors a state of deep relaxation, the emergence of unconscious memories and the release of repressed emotions.

It helps release conditioning to control, which releases certain rigid ways of being.

Replaces fear patterns, restoring basic trust. Helps heal birth trauma.

Temporarily deactivates the rational mind, activating other forms of creative thought, such as imagination and daydreaming.

It silences the mind by reducing anxiety, anguish, and stress.


It expands our sensory perception, leading to deep states of presence. Restores the energy flow of our being, activating transcendental perceptions. Removes physical, energetic, and emotional blocks, leading us to reconnect with our essence.

It relaxes the barriers of the unconscious, allowing a dialogue with our own being that enables a "download" of inspiration to guide our lives. The warm water, the containment of the therapist, the silence, and the weightlessness brings us to remembering and re-living the intrauterine state, with the consequent consolation and nourishment that comes from reconnecting with the origin.

Sometimes it allows the experience of “no mind” states that lead to what several describe as a "Conscious Death".



Janzu is a door to a very ancient knowledge that only belongs to Water as a Teacher. Its name was created in the 90´s, by the Mexican Patik (Juan Villatoro) during his spiritual journey through the east. Patik was the visionary of this Art, who dreamed the blessing of the water would reach everyone. He would promote the creativity that emerges from aquatic work and projected a great aquatic community.

In 1998, during a stay in Mexico, he met María Ornelas with whom he shared his practice and vision of Water. This is how this seed blossoms in María. The same flow led María to become a trainer of this Art. She developed a methodology of training with a pedagogical structure and created names and movements to allow the sharing of this knowledge. That seed grew and became the School of Aquatic Arts, which today bears fruit in the Water Collective.

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