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Colectivo Agua brings together people of different nationalities who follow the call of Water through aquatic arts as paths to consciousness, making it easy to experience a sense of union and connection with the source.

Colectivo Agua is in constant movement; meeting, co-creating, feeding back on each other, and listening to the messages of water. It flows like a river spreading through the mountains going where Water is calling.




Graduate in Human Communication and Body Psychotherapy. He participates in Native American ceremonies such as vision quest and sun dance and facilitates sweat lodge ceremonies (temazcal) as part of this path. He´s been a co-founder of the School of Aquatic Arts for twenty years and of the Water Collective. He is dedicated to the practice and teaching of Janzu, investigating its potential for human self-discovery, catharsis, trauma release, and the awakening of body memory. For the past five years he has used Janzu as a valuable tool in alternative addiction treatment.




María Ornelas was born in Mexico City and currently lives in Tepoztlan. She is an aquatic mexican legend. In 1999 she was introduced to Janzu and became a guardian of this water body psychotherapy; Maria shares this technique as a key to access our individual and planetary memories, bringing the vibration of prayer to water on different places on earth. She is the founder of Escuela de Artes Acuáticas (School of Aquatic Arts) and promoter of our vision as Colectivo Agua, as well as part of Caravana de Agua (Water Caravan - Collective Water Journeys).



Janzu instructor and therapist since 2016, he is graduate in Contemporary Music Composition and certified in ThetaHealing basic and AIDA 1 in free diving. He was also Technician in Medical Emergencies for the Mexican Red Cross. His own exploration and proposal within Janzu is based on linking anatomy, medical care, physiognomy of breathing, sound and brain frequencies. He participates in Colectivo Agua in the areas of training, graphic design, video editing, music composition as well as being a member of Fuego Creativo (Creative Fire).


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He was born in Argentina and currently lives inTepoztlan. He studied Image and Sound Design (UBA), made short films andfeature films, he participated in various photographic exhibitions and ventured into the underwater video installation. From a young age he began his exploration in thedance therapyand thebiodance, on land and in water, and that is how he discovered his passion for this sacred element.  

Participate expressing the visions of the group through theunderwater photographyand thevisual poetry. She is a facilitator of Janzu, aquatic, creative andartistic, and is a member ofcreative fireand of theWater Caravan.


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She was born in Puebla and currently lives in Cholula, Puebla. She has a degree in Literature and Philosophy and a Diploma in Publishing and Book Marketing. She studied Bioconstruction and Permaculture. She has worked as an editor for different publishers as well as independently. Currently she runs a self-publishing house and a home bookstore. As a writer, she has published four books as she considers writing a form of self-knowledge, self-healing and channeling. She participates in the collective at the edition and publishing of printed and digital material and with spelling and style review.


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She was born in Toluca and is currently a nomad. She works on the Logistics of Events, Purchasing Areas, Accompaniment of Entrepreneurship for SMEs, Administration and Finances. Within the Water Collective, she collaborates in the administration and finances management, with a vision of weaving new ways of partnerships based on trust and co-creation. She has shared Janzu since 2017 and is currently a part of the Water Caravan.


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he was born in Uruapan, Michoacan and studied Communication Sciences. She is an Artisan and holds extensive experience in vegetarian and vegan cooking. She is the official cook of the collective. She seeks to provide us with adequate nutrition, balancing between energy and a feeling of lightness to optimize our aquatic experiences. She takes part on the Water Caravan.



She was born in Chile and is currently a pilgrim between Tepoztlan, and Tierra Corazón (ecovillage in Chiapas), in addition to singing and meditating by many water sources. She has a degree in Cinema, is a documentary photographer, Dancer, and Poet. She is dedicated to cultural management and shares experiences of Art and Consciousness. In 2012, she began her travels through Latin America and in 2018 she came to Mexico where she learned about Janzu and delved into the art of Qi Gong. She participates in the collective sharing Janzu and facilitating different Aquatic Experiences and Artistic Games. She also edits the literature of the Collective and participates in the creation of projects. She is a member of the Creative Fire and the Water Caravan. 


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Janzu instructor and therapist since 2017, she is also an Ayurveda massage therapist, and a Thai massage, Chi Kung and Reiki practitioner. She has explored several self-awareness and healing therapies, spiritual paths and work with plant medicine since 2012. She is also a translator and a simultaneous interpreter. Her work includes the translation of scientific research on water, knowledge she is interested to spread; as well as somatic psychotherapy, giving her a broader view on birth and its imprints on the nervous system. All of which she brings as tools for her work in water. @algodecolores

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He was born in Cordoba, Argentina. He is an instructor at the School of Aquatic Arts and a Post Janzu training Assessor. He was instructed in Pilates and Massotherapy, with eighteen years of experience, as well as two years of postoperative rehabilitation practices. He has complementary studies of Reiki level 2, Reflexology, Acupressure, Massage with volcanic stones, Lomi lomi nui Massage, Solar Codes, and Chi kung. His aquatic work began ten years ago, and he currently organizes “aquatic labs” and provides Janzu training within the collective.


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He was born and currently lives in Mexico City. Graduated in Graphic Design, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker. He also practices Thai massage, Swedish massage, and Myofascial Release. In 2013, he encountered Janzu and since then he has been developing body listening, intuition and "flow". He also developed the Aquadynamic technique with Marcelo Roque and currently holds Mexico City´s Janzu practice. Within the Water Collective he is dedicated to creating videos and photographs to show and promote the beauty of Janzu in our social networks.



She was born in Argentina and lives in Mexico. She has a degree in Advertising and works with Graphic Design and Visual Communication. She has studies on several vibrational medicine techniques (Dowsing, Soul Reading, Therapeutic Spagyria); on land (Tai massage, Acupuncture, Wüo Tai) and in water (Janzu, Aguahara); to facilitate experiences. She dived into water work in 2017 after integrating Janzu as a technique. She is currently training to accompany gestation processes through work with water, plants, and sound. She participates in the collective as a graphic designer.




orn in Barcelona, she began her path of service to human health in 2009. She has a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in anti-inflammatory diet coaching, herbal cooking, and macrobiotics. She is the founder of Tlalli Vida Consciente, a holistic health project. She gives workshops and talks on health prevention and teaches how to eat with respect and integration with the environment. Exploring her own connection to the elements, she found the aquatic therapy, integrating techniques such as Janzu, Aguahara and Water Dance. She is a facilitator on the therapeutic technique and a designer of awareness experiences in water.



Degree in Communication Sciences, Master in Communication and Tourism Management. 

Studies in Permaculture and practitioner of Aquatic Arts, Janzu.

Free spirit, environmentalist, with a vegetarian appetite.

Singer, composer, social weaver and artist inspired by the connection with nature and our true essence.

Within the collective he provides support in translation, production, and co-creation of projects, some of which are carried out in his yurt "Mother Whale".




She was born in Tamaulipas and lives between Los Cabos and San Miguel de Allende. She is a Wellness and Movement Visual Artist. Graduate in Plastic Arts with a specialty in Photography, RYT 200 Yoga Instructor, Performer, Pranayama practitioner and explorer, Reiki, BreatheWave, Tribal Belly Dance. She continues to train as a Creative, Janzu Therapist, facilitator of the Wim Hof Method, Circles, Ceremonies, and Immersive Experiences. In recent years, she has turned her focus on developing her Plastic Arts and Wellness in service of water. She collaborates on the creative project “La Voz del Agua” (The Voice of the Water), a series of audiovisuals inspired by the wisdom of Water, developed by Elementals Tribe. She is part of Colectivo Agua, where she offers her support as a photographer, translator, yoga instructor, intentional immersion on Ice Baths facilitator & Scouting.



He was born in Amatlan, Morelos. He is a poet, lecturer, and teacher, who moves with a wheelchair, in addition to being a father. His work has been presented at Universities, Festivals and Literary Forums in Mexico, the United States, Germany, Hungary and Canada. His most recent collection of poems “Amor sobre Ruedas” (Love on Wheels) will soon be published by the publishing house “Diecisiete” from the Instituto 17 of Critical Studies in Mexico City. After going through many types of rehabilitation therapies, he found in Janzu the best one for him. He participates as a member of the editorial, performative creations, and promoter of the Creative Fire.


We formalized this collective to give life to the dreams of many, to share our gifts, to be an inspiration and a container of the great call to the consciousness of Water.

We are many more drops in this ocean, when we unite, we raise waves of love and consciousness.

We invite you to be a part of this movement, to participate in water activities and to share your gifts with the community.

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